Tonya Robson

Becoming a fitness instructor has been my favorite time in life! The process truly ‘married’ my studies as a mental health counselor to my love of physical activity.

Since 2013, I’ve trained in the following areas: Barre, Stability Ball, TRX, Circuit, and Foam Rolling. Every time I teach a class, I’m given so much back. I’m inspired by each client’s journey and the emotional and physical strength they gain.

T’s GARAGE FITNESS is like the unimagined dream. It happened organically out of a mutual love for a cozy little space allowing a place to move, a welcoming environment, and friendship.

It’s simple in the Garage: show up, work hard, and share your joy. The power behind group fitness classes cannot be challenged. It is an undeniable energy that is generated by people together, working harder and longer than they would alone. Showing up is really the hardest part.

I’m living my dream. It is a charmed dream that comes true every day. I’m thankful, grateful, and humbled I get to do this.

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