Marlo Fitzgerald-Smith

My personal fitness journey started at a very young age and continued through my college years.  The plan to use my Exercise and Sports Management degree didn’t take me down the path I had planned, but corporate life has a way of changing ones plans. Getting my health and physical fitness back on track took some time post children, but I eventually got there and haven’t looked back.  Bringing teaching/training back into my life was a wonderful addition I missed for way too long.  The corporate world still has me, but I will continue to jump in to teach when T calls to help keep our Garage clients on their toes!

With each class I teach, i try to bring an element of surprise by adding in new exercises, mix up different combinations, increase the cardio or simply slowing the movement down.  Those whom have taken my class know they really just never know what they’re going to get, but know they WILL get a workout.  Every client’s challenge is different and I aim to push you to that challenge point with each class!  My end goal is that clients walk away feeling better and stronger than when they first entered the garage doors.  

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