Class Descriptions

For all classes, wear clothing you are comfortable moving in. Most people wear capri or long leggings and a t-shirt or tank top. When it’s chilly, you can wear another layer until you warm up. There are cubbies in the Garage for you to stash your keys, outer layers, and shoes.


Gain long, lean muscles with the challenge of ballet moves rooted in Pilates. This is a head-to-toe workout and anyone can do it! Get ready to pulse and burn! No dance experience required. See you at the Garage Barre!

TRX Power Pace

Enjoy TRX but aren’t sure about a full 60 minutes with the straps? Try our new TRX Power Pace (TRX PP) class. This 45-minute class is a great addition to any cross training workout to help tone and sculpt every inch of your body. Not only are you building muscle, but you are increasing your heart rate with high and low impact exercises, allowing for a longer caloric burn after your workout is complete. No pre-class finding a partner required! We will partner you up and help motivate you throughout this butt kicking, cardio blast session.

Core Ball

Get fit like a kid! Using a large stability ball requires full body focus and provides both cardio and strength endurance. This class is low impact and will most certainly give you the core workout you want! Suitable for all fitness levels.


Experience a head-to-toe workout while strengthening cardio endurance and muscle tone. Weights and a variety of fitness equipment are used. Suitable for all fitness levels. Get ready to fire up your metabolism for the rest of the day!

Teen Cardio Circuit

A class just for teens! Whether you’re new to fitness or taking your health to the next level this teen circuit class will provide strength training, cardio, speed + agility and mind body awareness. Join us today to be stronger tomorrow.


Individual attention is the benefit of semi-private training. Tailored to your specific fitness needs, this class is different every week. Limited to a capacity of 4 and minimum of 2. Appropriate for all fitness levels and often combines class modalities!


Working 1 on 1 with an instructor most certainly improves form and movement. A private session, customized to your fitness level, increases confidence and strength. Contact the studio to schedule.

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