Angela Fingal

Boxing has been a passion of mine for more than 20 years and something I found by chance right after graduating college.

I was a competitive swimmer in high school and was looking to regain muscle tone.  After seeing a snippet of women joining martial arts gyms on TV, I thought, “Why can’t I do that?”

After a few calls to local boxing gyms, I was fortunate to find West Portland Boxing in Beaverton and my coach (a former USA Olympic Boxing coach) was supportive of anyone who was willing to put in the work.  After my first workout in the muggy basement, I was hooked.  Boxing was not only an incredible, full-body workout, but also a great way to let off steam and develop mental toughness.

I was fortunate to work with some inspiring individuals, but after sparring for a few years, I quickly learned competing wasn’t for me as a working professional.  I continued working out at the gym and became certified as a USA Boxing coach and official.  I helped coach at West Portland for years, leading “Abs with Diablo Angela,” and also taught my own boxing class at Shute Park Aquatic Center. When Tonya asked if I’d like to run a boxing class, I was excited to put on my punch mitts again and get back to coaching.  

I love making boxing accessible to every skill level and sharing my passion for health with you. Boxing is both a humbling and empowering sport, especially for women.  It’s a chance to find your mental toughness while maximizing your physical strength.  If you’re looking for something different that will challenge you (and your abs), come join me!

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